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So, you know what’s going on – your sales figures have plummeted, you can’t seem to capture the grey pound, everyone is using your competitor’s service not yours, but you don’t know why, you have a new product to launch but you are not sure how your customers will react…that’s where our qualitative services can help.

Qualitative research ensures you get to know the story behind the headlines, through deep probing of purposively selected respondents, we can provide the depth of information you need to ensure success.

We offer the full range of qualitative techniques for both B2B and B2C audiences:

  • On-line and face to face focus groups
  • Depth interviews, both in person and by telephone
  • Key stakeholder interviews
  • Literature testing for TCF
  • Web testing
  • Assisted Shopping
  • Ethnographic approaches

Janette Weir is an experienced B2B and B2C moderator who will work with you to bring the right approach to get the best results for your budget.